How Do I Prepare My iPhone For Travel?

Friday, October 2, 2009


Want to avoid racking up exorbitant fees while traveling with your iphone? Be prepared and check out this guide for prepping your phone for the trek through the wilderness of international telecommunications fees.

Probably the most obvious thing to do (with all phones) is temporarily add on a specific plan for the country you’re visiting ($5 brings your Mexico calls down by 40 cents). This also applies to data plans for your bandwidth-hoggging smart phone.

Your iPhone is also automatically roaming around the network checking for data and downloading e-mail. Make sure to turn both these features off while traveling or you’re going to be shelling out serious moolah for a bunch of facebook alert e-mails and twitter updates.

The best way to save money? Leave the phone at home, enjoy the sights, talk to people, and when you must, head to the internet cafe for that phone call home and to check your e-mail (or update your blog). Unplug yourself from the Matrix. It’s really quite a trip.

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