Did You Check Out The New “Destinations” Page Yet?


Bowing to the intense pressure of the public at large (okay, a friendly suggestion from an Australian friend and a certain Contributing Editor), TheExpeditioner.com introduces the new “Destinations” page.

Heading somewhere specific? Daydreaming about a certain locale? One click on the “Destinations” link brings you to a handy breakdown of all past posts and articles run on TheExpeditioner.com about specific countries and cities.

For example, click on “Cape Verde” and see my post on May 19, 2009 titled, “Get Off The Beaten Isle In Cape Verde.” See what I did there? It was a play on words, since the country is made up of a series of islands. Oh man, May was a good month for word play.

Published on October 14, 2009

  • http://matadortrips.com/ Hal Amen

    Great idea, Matt.