Meat City: Copenhagen’s Up And Coming Art Scene

Friday, October 16, 2009


Yes, Meat City. More specifically, a still functioning meatpacking district of Copenhagen. Finally, artists, club goers, and butchers are together at last.

The city owned, Kodbyen District (literally Meat City — I didn’t come up with that), is undergoing an innovative change, to say the least, where all of the abandoned butcheries are now being leased to designers, artists, cafes, and clubs in hopes of making a new “hotbed of creativity.” It’s catching on, says the NY Times, as a place for the zany and strange. I would guess passing butchers and forklifts on your way home from the club would be a bit “zany.” However, I applaud the idea and urban revitalization efforts.

Perhaps the idea of Meat City is creative enough to attract more of the same. Chalk up another reason to visit this happy little country!

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