Who Are The Worst Airline Passengers?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

baby airplane

O.K., we’ve all been there: the nightmare transatlantic flight with the bad food that makes it even worse. Brutal, right? This Travelocity online survey was conducted recently (the results can be found here) to finally let the cat out of the bag as to who the worst airline passengers really are. Their results? Smelly neighbors and crying babies (fair enough).

So let’s air out some of our own laundry. What are some of your annoyances at 38,000 feet? Personally, I’ll offer up three.

1) I’m a minimalist seat recliner simply for the fact that I don’t like it when I have a stranger’s head in my own lap.

2) Chatty Cathy: When I’m in the mood you’re alright, but usually I’ve got articles to write or movies to watch.

3) Seat kickers. Nothing says “have a good flight” like having a rugby match in the seat behind you.

Did I cover them all?

  • Brian Peters

    Have to go with the Bad Breath/Bad Body Odor person. Doesn't happen too often, but when it does, you just praying that the person does not talk to you or that they move too often. Every movement brings a fresh breeze of stink to your nostrils!

  • Agreed!
    I always have a tendency to play a game in my head called, "Is it you?" when there's and open seat next to me during the boarding process.
    Sometimes you win, most often you lose.

  • Let's see.

    Drunk senior citizen who would enter his seat next to me by basically falling into it, causing the whole aisle to jolt when he made his landing.

    Little kid playing a touch video game on the back of my seat for three straight hours (while his mom was sitting next to him).

    Shoeless guy. Not much more needed to add to that.

    Best seatmate? None. What better feeling in the world than realizing you're sans neighbor for the flight and you're about to enjoy the chance to stretch your legs and nap horizontally. Oh, the small pleasures while traveling.

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