Who Are The Worst Airline Passengers?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

baby airplane

O.K., we’ve all been there: the nightmare transatlantic flight with the bad food that makes it even worse. Brutal, right? This Travelocity online survey was conducted recently (the results can be found here) to finally let the cat out of the bag as to who the worst airline passengers really are. Their results? Smelly neighbors and crying babies (fair enough).

So let’s air out some of our own laundry. What are some of your annoyances at 38,000 feet? Personally, I’ll offer up three.

1) I’m a minimalist seat recliner simply for the fact that I don’t like it when I have a stranger’s head in my own lap.

2) Chatty Cathy: When I’m in the mood you’re alright, but usually I’ve got articles to write or movies to watch.

3) Seat kickers. Nothing says “have a good flight” like having a rugby match in the seat behind you.

Did I cover them all?

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