Ski Chalets: To Cater Or Not To Cater, That Is The Question

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Your legs are still burning from the days last run. You’re finishing up an après drink waiting for the rest of the group. You’re hungry, it’s cold, and you’re exhausted from flailing around the slopes of Chamonix, France. The last thing you want to do, now, is look for, or worse yet, cook your own dinner. Right?

Traveldudes lists out five reasons why you should choose a catered ski chalets so you’re never in a situation like that. All are true, and quite tempting; you’ll have more time to yourself, cleaning services, five-star meals, and convenience.

Walking through your front door to the smells of an already cooked dinner might be just too much to handle, yet, I’m afraid some of the excitement of the trip might be lost. For me, a ski vacation without the exhausted hassle of supermarket runs, communal cooking with a local brew in hand, and a headache riddled last minute cleaning escapade, just wouldn’t seem to be a legitimate ski trip.

Still, skiing a full day in Chamonix, then being served filet mignon after a hot tub soak sounds like a writing assignment I wouldn’t mind investigating (What do you say, Matt?).

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