The Great American BBQ

Friday, October 30, 2009


What do you get when you cross 500,000 pounds of meat, surgical gloves, and some “testosterone-fueled bro hugs?” The world’s largest, American Royal BBQ competition in Kansas City. Duh.

BBQ in the states isn’t just slapping some meat on a grill; “real” BBQ is an art, complete with a history of its own. This Guardian article does a good job of exploring this phenomenon at the competition. Originating from German immigrants settling in America’s Midwest, BBQ has evolved into a waltz of secret recipes, automobile sized smokers, and (perhaps most importantly) a strong camaraderie felt among everyone in this unique community.

From a wonderfully British perspective, the author states, “At a time when the world’s media is filled with things that America struggles to do well, it was good to be part of something that it does better than almost anyone else on earth.”

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