Antarctic Adventure Base Camp Now Open

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

south pole

The Patriot Hills base camp is officially open for business for the 2009 season. The only privately-owned base on the continent opens for three months a year, roughly through January, for those looking for some fun.

From Patriot Hills you can climb Mt. Vinson to capture the seven summits (climbing the tallest mountains on each continent), snow mobile, ski, film your own “March Of The Penguins,” or fulfill your inner Amundsen and head to the South Pole. Heck, you can even run a marathon down there (good luck with that one).

The Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions (ALE) website offers 12 different options for you. Trips generally last between eight and fourteen days, prices from $16,500.  The granddaddy expedition (a five hundred-mile cross country skiing to the pole) lasts sixty days and sets you back a measly $61,000.

Good news: any dude with enough cash can go to the bottom of the world. Bad news: that dude still isn’t going to be me anytime soon.

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