The Beauty Within Northern Pakistan

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

hunza valley

There are times, in between the constant search for deals and destination ideas, when a good old fashioned travel narrative catches my eye and I’m drawn in for one reason or another. This article over at Travelmag, did just that.

The author, since being laid off, decided to view it as an opportunity to travel (sounds like someone I might get along with); he and his wife got in their Land Cruiser and took off.  Their goal is to drive from London to Singapore, (they are currently in Myanmar) a stretch of 40,000 miles or more “depending on how much [they] get lost.” Follow them at their website, fittingly titled “No Job Will Travel.”

This article tells of their time in Northern Pakistan. Their journey started on the mind blowing feat that is the Karakoram Highway, then to the warmth of the people in the Hunza Valley, eating the local delicacies, fishing in the Ishkoman River, and finally celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day.

What struck a chord with me, having little experience there, and aware of the constant barrage of U.S. media outlets, was the observation that, “few tourists dare to read beyond the heavy handed articles of the Pakistan-wary media; those that do invariably fall head over heels for this friendly and beautiful land.”

On second thought, I’m sure we’d get along.

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