Learn The Language? No, Just Get A Pair Of Smart Glasses Instead

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This BBC article actually made me tilt my head a little and sigh, “wow,” under my breath (that hasn’t happened in a while). A company has just announced the invention of a pair of glasses that, when paired with a microphone and translation software, will project real-time translations into your eyes. There is also a model combined with a headset, because just what the world needs is more confused telemarketers wandering about to hear the translated conversations you’re having.

The Tele Scouter, was originally designed to aid as an international business tool for sales calls. The spectacles will first go on sale November of 2010 in Japan.

Pretty “Star Trek,” eh? This contraption gives a new meaning to the phrase, “I see what you’re saying.” However, I can’t help but think that these will give even more travelers an excuse not to learn the language, or anything else for that matter, when they travel.

  • How about a translator for what people are thinking? That'd be so much more useful don't you think?

  • Oh gosh, yeah. I used to translate some Korean messages I'd get teaching over there with babelfish- and they were almost easier to understand in Hangeul. I wonder about all the slang there is out in the world. Interesting to say the least. ,

  • Wow indeed. I just hope they don't use babelfish. That'd be one interesting conversation.

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