Travel Channel’s Bourdain and Zimmerman Revealed

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


There’s still hope for the regular guy out there to someday get an outstanding gig with the Travel Channel and settle into arguably the greatest job on earth. I mean, if Samantha Brown can do it . . .

Jaunted did a piece, in which they attended a party co-hosted by our Travel Channel friends and “true power travelers,” Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmerman.  They asked them the question we’re all curious about, “Where do [you] travel when it’s not about working or showcasing a destination on the Travel Channel?”

Zimmerman’s answer was a bit surprising: “I’m a dad, so . . . we’re complete Disney World Geeks.”

Bourdain got specific: “I’m a father and I’m a little more high maintenance, now. I want to stay in one place, near a hospital . . . and yea, I kinda want room service and a beach chair.”

You see that? They’re family guys; all they really need is some time together, with as little stress as possible. I suppose, when your job consists of the occasional drinking of snake’s blood in Vietnam or putting down Samoan slug guts, a beach chair and a margarita wouldn’t sound too bad to you either.

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