Indulge Your Inner Rodent At France’s Hamster Hotel


Heavy petting… going nuts… queue the suggestive hamster jokes.

Nantes, France has added another “attraction” to its handful of other enticing options, a romantic hamster wheel for two (no… really). Visitors to the La Villa Hamster have the option of dressing up in full rodent garb, nibbling organic grain, sleeping in a haystack, and, yes, sipping off of a giant water tube; oh yeah, and stay the night.

It’s catching on. The visionaries are already looking into future Hamster Hotel sights in the U.K. and soon afterwards, “going back to [their] origins.” I’ll let you come to a conclusion about that one.

I’m a bit disappointed, actually. I was half expecting a labyrinth of brightly colored plastic tubes you had to navigate on all fours, or a ball you’d be trapped in and have to roll yourself from one room to the other. I guess you can’t have it all.

Published on December 04, 2009