Rules Of Engagement: Traveling With Signifigant Others

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I can’t say I’ve had much experience with this one lately, if not for the very sake of trying to maintain the relationship, but what are the rules for traveling with your significant other? Should you even risk it? The upsides? The downsides? The cold realities?

It’s unquestionable that travel can bring people together like nothing else. But of course, beware, travel can also reveal the true personality of someone. Be honest, have you ever traveled with someone and found yourself thinking, “Is this the same person I left home with?”

Here’s a take on one newlywed’s trek through eight countries in six months. What did they fight about? Money, naturally. (Yeah I can definitely relate to this one. It’s only complicated when you’re trying to split things two ways then convert it back to your home currency. Not to be tried with the math-prone.) They also learned to give each other space, probably good advice for any time spent together, but more importantly on the road.

In the end, there was a happy ending and it brought them closer together. She also learned to never trust him with a map again.

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