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Thursday, December 17, 2009


No I haven’t procreated. Rather, I’m pleased to announce the arrival of Brittany Weaver, a new member to the writing staff here at Brit’s enviously based down in Buenos Aires at the moment, and she will be bringing some much needed diversity to the heavily-bearded, all-male team here at the site. Please welcome Brit and we look forward to having her with us.

You can also delve into Brit’s personal thoughts and ruminations at her blog: TheInformalPress.

Here’s Brit in her own words:

Ever since I can remember — and as my mom has frequently pointed out — I have been afraid of change: I made myself sick when I tried a Portobello mushroom for the first time, I had a tantrum when I was 9 years old because I found out we were moving, and I had bouts of anxiety when meeting new people. So, when I turned 18, I decided to face my fears: I began to travel.

Since then, I have been to a few corners of the Earth and have learned two, very important things: humans can adapt to almost anything, and never underestimate the kindness of strangers.

Although I am currently living in Buenos Aires, I call Toronto my home. There, I enjoy sipping coffee and using my bicycle to get around. While living there, I had graduated from school only to find out that my subject of study was something I never wanted to do with my life (politics). That existential moment made me want to move halfway across the world. The dropping temperatures and threats of snowstorms made me choose the Southern Hemisphere.

Now in Buenos Aires, I am practicing my Spanish, exploring the city, meeting new people, eating a lot of beef, and writing all about it. I never leave home without paper, pen and a good book, wherever I might be going.

I’m really excited to be working with, a place where everyone is able to share their experiences and their thoughts on travel!

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