Tis The Season To Unleash Your Travel Bitch

Friday, December 18, 2009


We love travel, and (almost) everything about it. Maybe it’s the tuk-tuk driver that won’t leave you alone, the “budget” airline that charges you for everything but breathing (and sometimes even that), or that damn middle seat. Well, here’s your chance to sound off. Justified or not, what really torques you while traveling?

Need some inspiration (probably good, if you need some), no worries. TheExped to the rescue . . .

As written on gowander.com . . .

  • Fellow travelers who seem intent on criticizing the locality in which they find themselves;
  • I want to smack anyone I see not paying attention to the safety brief on an aeroplane and anyone who stands up before the seatbelt signs have gone off;
  • The safety brief on an airplane;
  • I’ll know when you’re doing a snack service/ duty free run/rubbish collection because I’ll see it coming. I sure as hell don’t need it in three/four languages;
  • People that over-haggle;
  • Why, when I’ve taken off my coat, scarf, boots, belt, watch, ring and bling do I still ping as I go through? The one who tells me take my bra off gets it in the eye.
  • New York immigration officers’ sense of humor failure.

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