Deep Water Soloing Thailand’s Koh Poda Island

Friday, December 25, 2009

Kayak to a limestone spire jutting defiantly out of the Andaman Sea. Climb said rock formation without that cumbersome safety gear. Willing or not, jump from spire into the ocean safety net waiting below you. Simple, yeah? Only after you squash an episode of fear-induced vomiting.

I’m in. Where can I sign up?

This article over at WaveJourney explains two beginners’ introduction to Deep water Soloing, a style of rock climbing gaining a popularity in the sport, particularly on the islands off the coast of Krabi, Thailand. The author, set on avenging earlier climbing issues, makes it up, battles temporary paralysis, and plunges from only “the mezzanine, not the penthouse.” His comrade, a dainty female marathon runner, reaches a height three times his and gracefully heads down to the emerald water.

Her reaction to the “DWS baptism” after surfacing?  Total euphoria.

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