The World’s Best Job Winner Has A Brush With Death

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

… or should that read, “So-called” World’s Best Job Winner?

Ben Southall, the winner of that hyped Barrier Island caretaker gig off the coast of Queensland, Austraila, was jet skiing with some friends when he had a little run in with 5 millimeters of venomous fury, otherwise known as the deadly irukandji jellyfish.

According to his blog, he was on his way back to the beach and felt a “bee-like sting” on his forearm that he quickly dismissed. At a massage a little later on, he noticed symptoms including tingling, hotness, back tightness, and high blood pressure. Apparently common knowledge in the area, the masseuse immediately directed him to the doctor, who quickly treated him, and was later released from the hospital. Lesson learned… to avoid death by jellyfish, rock the stinger suit.

As Matt would most likely agree, see his post noting the wickedly dangerous creatures in that part of the world, I have a feeling this may not be his only trip to the ER in the next 18 months on the job.

Did you guys notice the same thing I did? One word: massage. Maybe it’s still the best job in the world, after all.

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