Hands Down, The Best Views In The World

Thursday, December 31, 2009

It’s the cliché, “pictures don’t do it justice” phenomenon, yet, it may be true. What gets me is how these invoke your curiosity. It leads me to wonder what, and where, is possible in the world.

I will never forget when I rounded a corner along the Parks Highway in Alaska (just about where the picture above was taken) and saw for the first time the massive, jaw dropping, splendor of Denali. Actually, it startled me into the nearest snow bank. As I grabbed my camera, scurried across the highway for a better composition, I took in North America’s tallest peak. I’m sure of it, that mountain kindled my wanderlust, and it was that view which did it (and cheers to that nice gentleman who stopped to tow me out of the snow).

This Travel+Leisure article touches on those very same feelings, saying, “they get us thinking about the four corners of the earth as well as humankind’s minor place in the scheme of things. And when we see them in person, we are startled and humbled by their physical magnificence.” I concur.

That being said, here are their ten most amazing views on earth.

  1. The Manhattan Skyline (with a margarita in hand)
  2. The Cliffs of Moher (from a surfboard)
  3. The Great Wall of China (in October with less crowds)
  4. The Paris Skyline (from Nomiya, a restaurant on top of the Palais de Tokyo museum)
  5. The Matterhorn (or its reflection in Lake Riffelsee)
  6. The Grand Canyon (as sunrise or sunset)
  7. Machu Pichu (atop Huayna Picchu, but be one of the first 400 people there)
  8. The Golden Gate Bridge (set against fog)
  9. Bhutan’s Tigers Nest (from anywhere you can see it, really)
  10. The Great Barrier Reef (off of Lady Elliot Island)

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