Looking Back And Looking Ahead: TheExpeditioner Contributor Luke Armstrong

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone! In the midst of all the “2009 Travel Trends” articles, “Best Destinations of 2010” previews, and “The Past Decade in Travel,” it’s hard not to feel a bit nostalgic this time of year. All of us at TheExpeditioner.com put our collective heads together and decided to add our versions of these articles to the onslaught. Shameless self promotion? We like to think its building credibility.

In actuality, we just love talking travel. Regardless, each day this week, we will highlight a different staffer’s reflections of their 2009 travels (which should get interesting) and what destinations possibly lay ahead in the coming year. First up . . .

Contributer Luke Armstrong breaks the ice with some reflections from his 2009 travels.

Lessons I learned in 2009:

1. When someone stumbling down the street shouts at you, “I own this town!” It’s best not to tell him that he doesn’t.

2. Too good to be true is still usually not true.

3. Everyday is a new opportunity for anything to happen — including: catching typhoid, so live out your dreams . . . but be careful.

4. When skinning a live grizzly bear in your underpants, use your head (we’re scared to ask, Luke).

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