Looking Back And Looking Ahead: Managing Editor Jon Wick Tells All

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Fresh off a year teaching and traveling the Far East, Jon is now in Montana studying the art of skiing powder and looking for any excuse to post a picture of “The Wonder Girls” on this site.

2010 Destinations:

I’ve recently been offered an irresistible square meter of floor space in Whistler during the Olympics, so that’s mission number one. Along the same lines, several ski trips will fill up my winter, Mammoth Mountain, Mt. Bachelor and/or Hood, Jackson Hole, and with some luck an Idaho or Colorado circuit are on my radar. I’m also in the midst of wedding planning, meaning (if I have any money to my name at this point) there may be a honeymoon on the horizon. Possibilities on top of my (ahem… our) list are Ecuador, Costa Rica, Belize, or Hawaii. Any help on that choice would be appreciated. As for the summer trips, I’ll probably stay closer to home; I’m begining the training for my first triathlon in Montana and a few possible bike tours through the western U.S. and Canada. I’ll let you know how those pan out…

What I learned in 2009:

  1. Asian Pop music horrifyingly addictive.
  2. Just as much of the world looks up to and learns from America; America can, and may have to, do the same in return.
  3. Communal bathing with all of your coworkers is as awkward as it sounds, and for much longer than you think.
  4. Alcohol may be the best English teacher in the world.

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