Come, Explore The Grandeur Of First Class (Leave Your Pretzels Behind)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This picture reminds you of your last flight, right? Where’s the tray table jabbing your mid-section, you ask? Where’s the sleeping septuagenarian resting on your shoulder? Why don’t you see empty bags of pretzels lying about? This, my friends, is the world of first-class travel. Come my fellow plebians, let us explore this strange new world.

The SMH explores what you get when you pay that extra, oh, $20,200 to upgrade your economy-class ticket. At Qantas you can expect meals freshly prepared by a chef, like casareccia pasta with zucchini flowers, haloumi, chili and lemon (ooh, haloumi, how fancy). Singapore Airlines goes the hyper-hygienic route, offering in-flight showers to their coveted passengers (courtesy of their new A380s).

And in Qatar, first-class passengers are treated access to the new $US100 million business-class terminal at Doha International Airport where “services and features include ‘concierge-style’ seated check-in, a jacuzzi, sauna and day spa center, lounges, fine dining restaurants and a nursery with a kitchen where children can play, sleep and be fed.” And you were happy to get free headphones.

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