Basata: So Much More Than Just An Eco-lodge In Egypt

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When I began to read about Egypt´s first eco-lodge, I thought I would get to share an interesting spot for people to check out. However, upon reading it, I felt an overwhelming sense of awe. By the end of the article, I didn´t know which part to highlight. Was it the pure simplicity of the lodge, providing a secluded yet reflective escape for people? Was it Sherif El-Ghamrawy´s completely self-sustaining, environmentally-friendly facilities? Or, perhaps, it was how the camp was made with the help of the local Bedouins? All I can say is Basata Lodge seems to be the all-round spiritual, economical, ethical, environmentally-friendly place to go.

Upon reading Jon´s recent thoughts on disappearing tourist gems, I think we all began to realize how important preservation is. That´s why Basata Lodge seems to stand out so much: It perfectly preserves its environment by using old, practical methods of living, right down to the goat-fecal infused bricks.

As Sherif told Benji Lanyado, writer of the article, “When I came here there was nothing, and I want to think that if we ever left here there would still be nothing. I could just take my sticks and go away.”

While reading about the lodge, you get a sense of just how simple and fluid a stay at Basata can be. Afterall, as Lanyado points out, basata is Arabic for “simplicity.”

By Brit Weaver


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