Nicaragua: Costa Rica Without The Rica

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I had some relatively unfamiliar free time the other day and found myself reading an article titled “Cheap but Chic Destinations.” I have to admit, “chic” is not included in my vocabulary, but it was “cheap” that reeled me in. I sifted through the mandatory sentences that you would expect to see under this title, like “the free fall of the British Pound,” and “the Australian currency is just as battered . . .”

It continued: Iceland, Vegas, Montreal, but then, at the very bottom of the article was a place that has been on my radar lately (not because of it’s chic-ness, either), Nicaragua. The first sentence reads this, “Nicaragua has been called ‘the new Costa Rica’ for years, but the fact that it hasn’t taken off like its neighbor to the south shouldn’t give you concern.”

Concern? No. That’s reason for celebration. At $25/night on the Corn Islands, snorkeling and kayaking are steps away. To honor Matt’s diving extravaganza in Mozambique, how about 10 dives, including 2 night dives, for $330 through

Maybe I will quietly celebrate so that, hopefully, I am able to get there before it does take off.

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