Is Everybody Talking About Nicaragua’s Little Corn Island?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So what does it mean exactly when the Wall Street Journal is talking up Nicaragua? Is it kind of like when you were a teenager and the second your parents had heard of your favorite band you instantly thought that band wasn’t cool anymore? (See, in this extended metaphor the WSJ is your parents ’cause, yeah, you get it.) Since my mother does in fact read this, and in deference to her, I’m going to say Nicaragua’s still cool, even though the stodgy old WSJ’s gotten wind of it.

As they point out, Nicaragua’s Little Corn Island — located in the Caribbean, 70 km off the southern part of the country and 15 km north of the more-developed Big Corn Island — is a haven for diving (Jon also mentioned this here last week) including several ship wrecks and the remains of a Spanish galleon, as well as underwater caves and great reef diving (in fact it’s part of the same reef that begins north in Belize).

But, be forewarned, the island’s for the lay-around-and-not-do-much set. As Lonely Planet puts it, “other than work on your tan or get in the water, there are few attractions, per se . . .”

This being the WSJ, they also point out that there is no regular phone service, but that cellphones and BlackBerrys do work in town! Oh, like, what a totally lame thing to point out. I’m totally going back in the basement and playing my guitar.

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