2010 New York Times Travel Show Blog (Day 2: How To Call Cheap Abroad)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

One of the booths that caught my eye this year was the one for OneSimCard.com. As you know, I normally don’t shill travel-related products on the site, but this thing makes way too much sense to not mention it to everyone.

We Americans are kind of luddites when it comes to the whole SIM card thing (having being forced into locked phones here in the U.S.). But when traveling abroad we know all too well the importance of having cheap calling plans and accessible phones.

Normally, after arriving to a new country, travelers with phones have to scramble to find a local SIM card to stick in their phone, then load it up with minutes that are often never used. The OneSIMCard guys came up with a card that works in over 180 countries and that offers super-competitive prices (and 70 countries where minutes are no charge for incoming calls), freeing you from having to constantly buy new cards or load up on new minutes everywhere you go. A great idea for those on a multi-country trek.

Of course you could just unplug from the world and not bring your phone while traveling (something I highly recommend), but this is a great option for those who aren’t ready to take that leap just yet. Now to figure out how to unlock my iPhone.

[Update: To the Apple attorney that just contacted me. TheExpeditioner.com does not endorse unlocking your iPhone or breaking your iPhone license agreement. Please do whatever Apples instructs you to do. Can you please now release my friends and family from that undisclosed location Apple?]

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