The Expeditioner’s February Travel Photography Contest Winner

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wow. If you haven’t been to our flickr group yet, I suggest you head over there. We asked for great travel photography and you have answered in a big way. Unfortunately for us, it makes our job far tougher when the end of the month rolls around and we have to choose our favorite. That’s an awesome challenge we look forward to, so keep those submissions coming.

This month’s winner comes from Jason Rodman. His patience by a San Francisco puddle paid off in his shot, “Puddle Jumper.” In his own words:

Here in San Francisco we don’t get a lot of heavy downpours, so whenever we do, I can’t help but grab the camera and run outside as soon as the rain stops. I (literally) stumbled across this huge puddle, and saw this magnificent reflection of the palm trees and Ferry Building tower along the Embarcadero.

I started firing off a few shots; being in “blue hour” the colors and lights were simply perfect. Then, these two kids came running through with their galoshes, jumping from puddle to puddle. I knew that would be [the shot]. I stayed as still and quiet as possible, and sure enough one walked right through the frame. Once I took a look at it upside down in-camera, I really liked how the dirt and debris at the bottom of the puddle added some effects to the sky, and how much bluer it looked in the reflection.

Besides the incredible composition and colors, our in-house photography guru, Luke, drops yet another photo knowledge bomb on us. “I like puddle jumping . . . it has a person jumping through puddles, I can get on board with that.” Well, we’re all on board with this one.

To see more of Jason’s work, head over to his flickr page. Many thanks Jason, we look forward to seeing more of your collection.

Click here to see last month’s winner from Beijing.

Not often are we allowed a backstage pass into the world of the photograph. Jason also offered up a picture of him actually taking this picture. I’m glad I’m not the only one with my gear out in the world getting weird looks from people passing by (not that you got any weird looks hovering over that puddle for hours, or anything). Cheers, Jason.

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