Surfing With Swamis In India

Friday, March 5, 2010

You know how you’re always thinking to yourself, “I wish this next trip I could both surf and expand my spirituality at an ashram”? Well look no further than that Kaliya Mardana Krishna Ashram in Karnataka, India, home to Swami Narasingha.

As the Telegraph reports, “Swami Narasingha, who grew up surfing in Florida, established this coastal outpost to his main ashram four years ago. For the past two years they have welcomed paying guests, as well as sharing their surfing knowledge and love of the ocean with local children.”

A glance at their site reveals that daily activities include “surfing, kayaking, swimming, volley ball, mantra meditation, yoga-asanas, surf film entertainment and environmental awareness documentary presentations.” Sound like most Sandals resorts, right?

Rooms are 2,500 rupees a night for single occupancy (or about USD $55) and 3,500 four double occupancy (USD $76). Enlightenment is extra.

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