Travel Trivia: Can You Answer This Final Jeopardy Question?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I’ve recently discovered my daily ass kickings at the hands of the Stairmaster in my gym are tempered by back-to-back showings of Jeopardy and No Reservations. They seem to do a good job of keeping my attention away from the wheezing gasps of air coming out of me for at least an hour. It’s not often (okay, almost never) that I get to stick it to Trebek — Sean Connery style — and all three of that day’s contestants, but this afternoon was different. I nailed the Final Jeopardy question, throwing a fist pump into the air (and sweat shower towards the lady on the bike next to me).

Then I thought to myself, I wonder how we all would do? I bet, pretty good.

Category: World Travel

Answer: If you want to visit this country, you can fly into Sunan International Airport or . . . or NOT visit this country.

Leave your non-Googled answers . . . uh, questions,  in the comment section below and I’ll fill you in at the end of the week. Here’s a hint: my first thought (Myanmar) was wrong.

*Although Matt is a wealth of worldly travel information, to my knowledge he has never been on Jeopardy, nor has met Alex Trebek, nor looks this pale outside of a boredom-wrought sessions of Photoshop.

  • And the Travel Trivia answer is…

    Pyeongyang, North Korea (technically, the only way in or out of the country)

  • Brit

    Not to nerd out (well, a little) but Wikipedia (that's right… Google always leads you to Wikipedia anyways. Just go straight to the source.) has labelled it a "state". State or Country? Bureaucratically defined, there's a differenece. Take that Trebek! Although he is one of my favourite top-one-hundred Canadians. He fell in the ranks after he shaved his moustache…

  • Ha! Yeah, I had to spice up my afternoon- silly creativity kicked in. Could've used it for something a bit more useful, but what fun is that?

  • I would have lost . . . I had to Google the answer. Good question though. Like most Jeopardy questions, focus on the words of the answer.

    And Jon, only in the world of Photoshop could I meet the illustrious Mr. Trebek: My favorite Canadian behind Leonard Cohen. the Kids in the Hall cast, and Neil Young.

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