Travel Trivia: Can You Answer This Final Jeopardy Question?

I’ve recently discovered my daily ass kickings at the hands of the Stairmaster in my gym are tempered by back-to-back showings of Jeopardy and No Reservations. They seem to do a good job of keeping my attention away from the wheezing gasps of air coming out of me for at least an hour. It’s not often (okay, almost never) that I get to stick it to Trebek — Sean Connery style — and all three of that day’s contestants, but this afternoon was different. I nailed the Final Jeopardy question, throwing a fist pump into the air (and sweat shower towards the lady on the bike next to me).

Then I thought to myself, I wonder how we all would do? I bet, pretty good.

Category: World Travel

Answer: If you want to visit this country, you can fly into Sunan International Airport or . . . or NOT visit this country.

Leave your non-Googled answers . . . uh, questions,  in the comment section below and I’ll fill you in at the end of the week. Here’s a hint: my first thought (Myanmar) was wrong.

*Although Matt is a wealth of worldly travel information, to my knowledge he has never been on Jeopardy, nor has met Alex Trebek, nor looks this pale outside of a boredom-wrought sessions of Photoshop.

Published on March 09, 2010

  • jonwick

    And the Travel Trivia answer is…

    Pyeongyang, North Korea (technically, the only way in or out of the country)

  • Brit

    Not to nerd out (well, a little) but Wikipedia (that's right… Google always leads you to Wikipedia anyways. Just go straight to the source.) has labelled it a "state". State or Country? Bureaucratically defined, there's a differenece. Take that Trebek! Although he is one of my favourite top-one-hundred Canadians. He fell in the ranks after he shaved his moustache…

  • jonwick

    Ha! Yeah, I had to spice up my afternoon- silly creativity kicked in. Could've used it for something a bit more useful, but what fun is that?

  • TheExpeditioner

    I would have lost . . . I had to Google the answer. Good question though. Like most Jeopardy questions, focus on the words of the answer.

    And Jon, only in the world of Photoshop could I meet the illustrious Mr. Trebek: My favorite Canadian behind Leonard Cohen. the Kids in the Hall cast, and Neil Young.