Get Your Green On: 10 Best Non-Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Parties

Friday, March 12, 2010

Maybe it’s the green beverages, the pinching, or the possible pot o’ gold that pulls us in, but as I take in my gross lack of green wardrobe for this upcoming holiday, I’m hit with yet another case of the wonders. I wonder where in the world is the coolest St. Patrick’s day celebration is? A quick search took me to the Intelligent Traveler blog and a post listing the ten best places — outside of Ireland — to celebrate the holiday.

If you find yourself in New York, check out Little Ireland. The former Irish district on the Lower East Side once had more Irish residents living there than Dublin. Then, on the 17th, NYC hosts a monster Saint Patrick’s Day parade, with more than two million spectators watching the festivities on 5th Ave.

If you have the chance, definitely go see the Chicago River after it’s been dyed green. Make sure you’re between Columbus and Wabash Drive, or you’ll be disappointed. Unlike Savannah’s green fountains, Chicago’s unique tradition accidentally began as a result of a plumbing snafu. Chicago’s South Side also hosts the largest neighborhood parade outside of Dublin, with over 250,000 people. Not too far north of there is New Dublin, Wisconsin — the city of New London’s adopted name specifically for the St. Pat’s week and ensuing party.

San Francisco, Birmingham, England and London seem to have the right idea. They combine a parade with a complete festival, both including dancers, live bands, arts, and food. Montreal is home to Canada’s longest running St. Patrick’s Day parade, and the city is so entrenched in the Irish culture their flag even has a shamrock on it.

Don’t feel left out if you’re in the southern hemisphere. Auckland, NZ is home to the largest St. Patrick’s Day party on that side of the equator. Leave it to the Kiwis to drink like the Irish.

In the end, though, it’s all about Ireland, green beer, leprechauns, and the place where it all originated. Cheers,  and enjoy the festivities everyone!

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