How Many Of The “Six Travel Types You Love to Loathe” Have You Spotted?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Face it, the more you travel, the more you start to recognize certain types of travelers. And, whether you like it or not,  you start to notice how other people perceive you. This week BootsnAll lists their six travel types you love to loathe. Beware, this one may hit a little too close to home for some.

I think we’ve all met “The Bragger,” the one who “might fill a passport a year or they might wander just as much as those around them, but the difference is that they feel the need to shout their travel exploits from the rooftops.”

Or “The One Who Should’ve Stayed Home,” someone I’ve thankfully never ran into. They “constantly criticizes whatever country [they’re] in, claiming that the food/weather/landscape/culture is better back home.”

How about “The Klingon?” “You find them lingering outside your dorm wondering ‘what are we doing today?’ and you quickly discover that when they asked for your email/cell number/Facebook ID that they actually intended to use it.”

I’ve got one for you. “The One Who Has No Business Having Her Own Travel Show” (Clue: see above). She has slept with Hugh Hefner and now, in a desperate attempt by her employer to woo advertisers and garner ratings, has been hired as a travel host of her very own show, despite having no real travel experience, a personality, or anything insightful to share about the cultures/destinations/and people that she encounters on her journeys. No, I’m not bitter at all.

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