London To Beijing By Train . . . In Two Days!?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sorry, we’re not breaking a travel secret no one has heard of yet. A high-speed rail system from Beijing to London doesn’t exist yet, but according to the Telegraph, China is currently in negotiations to build a rail network to India and Europe, using trains capable of going 200 mph, hopefully in ten years time.

The plans seems to be laid out in three stages. First, the driving force behind this project will be built: a line from London to Beijing and then to Singapore, with connections to Pakistan and India along the way. The second stage would have trains going south to Vietnam, Thailand, Burma and Malaysia. Lastly, a third line will head north through Russia to Germany and into the European railway system.

Other than the typical obstacles with a project like this, such as a standard track dimension, terrain, and visa restrictions (to name just a few), money seems to be the largest.

When I first saw this headline, I was giddy at the possible opening up of so much of Asia. Imagine . . . London to Singapore, a distance of 6,750 miles, in three days. I say we all start passing around a hat. I can offer the $5 in my pocket right now.

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