A Look At The World’s Strangest Museums

Friday, March 19, 2010

It seems that you don’t need to go too far from where you are to see something that will make you utter “WTF?” under your breath. Even here we’ve shared oddities like Copenhagen’s Meat City (imagine passing butchers on your way to the club), the Mano de Desierto (a giant hand rising out of Chile’s desert), and just plain weird statues from all over the world. This post, with the help of a list compiled by ABC News, is going to broaden our horizons into the world of whacked-out museums that may be worth a visit if you’re trying to waste an afternoon (or see while under the influence).

For the intriguingly pointless you can visit the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets in New Delhi, or you can head to where the picture above is from, The Cockroach Hall of Fame in Texas, or you can check out the exhilarating  sounding Beijing Museum of Tap-Water.

If you’re looking for gross and gruesome, you have the option of visiting Amsterdam’s Torture Museum (located in the red light district, no less), or the Paris Sewer Museum. Along the same lines, the comment section of the article revealed a Museum of Menstruation, which has since closed its doors, but can still be toured on their website.

For a more lighthearted experience, California’s Museum of Pez Memorabilia has a 7-foot-tall dispenser — imagine the sugar rush that would lead to. There are also the cult favorites, The Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota, or my addition to the list, South Korea’s center of rotten spicy cabbage, The Kimchi Field Museum in Seoul.

There you have it — enough distractions from the real world to make you wonder seriously about the real world.

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