TheExped Music Series: Bow Before The Legend That Is Caetano

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If I had to come back to life as a revolutionary Brazilian Tropicalismo/Samba musician and five-time grammy award-winner who has been featured in a Pedro Almodóvar movie, I’d totally pick Caetano Veloso. (I was going to go with David Bowie, then I realized he fit none of these categories.)

In celebration of yesterday’s release of Caetano’s new album, “zii e zie” (“uncles and aunts” in Italian), we’re listening to a live track from the album, “A Cor Amarela,” as part of TheExped music series.

Backed by a sprite band half his age, the Brazilian legend’s sound in his latest offering is what has been described as “arid, compressed, a little lean, so that each strategic embellishment — a funk-informed bass line, a coughing fit of distorted guitar — displaces molecules in the air.”

How often do you get to see a living legend perform, anyway? Beginning April 8, Caetano goes on tour, with stops in New York, D.C., Boston, L.A., San Fran, and Miami. For the full list of dates click here.

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