Your Guide To Free New York This Summer

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This morning, as a tour bus nearly took out a part of my foot while I was crossing the street, I realized that tourist season had officially begun here in New York, a season that seems to coincide with both baseball season and me-sweating-profusely-due-to-lack-of-air-conditioning-on-the-subway-platform season.

Back in December, when a few other visitors were in town, I posted about free things to do in New York City, including free museums, music, and events. This week, Time Out decided to help me out and devote an entire issue to the cause of free NYC, including an exhaustive guide to getting into the city’s best museums, hearing live music, and even eating free, all for $0.

The best part about the guide? You could visit several museums a day, Tuesday though Sunday, completely gratis. Of course, to do this it would mean spending your Tuesday afternoon at the Staten Island Museum (okay, so you don’t have to go to one every day).

On Thursday try the Museum of Arts & Design Pay from 6–9 p.m., The Museum of Modern Art on Friday from 4–8 p.m., the Guggenheim on Saturday from 5:45–7:45 p.m., and The Frick on Sunday from 11 a.m–1 p.m.

Afterward, head to Vero Wine Bar for a free panini with your overpriced martini, or head to Dell’anima for free frittata triangles, citrus-and-fennel salad and mixed olives with your beverage.

Then, when you’re ready for bed, grab a free copy of the Village Voice and head to the closest park for a couple hours of completely free sleep! Actually, that one’s not in there, in fact the one thing you’re definitely going to have to pay for if you don’t have anyone to shack up with is lodging. That is, if you don’t want to be picked up for vagrancy in the middle of the night in Central Park by the NYPD.

For the full list of all that is free in New York City click through to Time Out here.

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