6 Trips To Satisfy Your Badass

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I’m not a guy that does real well when there’s nothing to do. Sitting on a beach for five days, although nice, just doesn’t give my restlessness the fulfillment it needs. I wouldn’t call myself a full-on adrenaline junkie, but I do have a tendency to jump off the top deck of my Vietnamese junk boat, rather than sitting on it reading Harry Potter.

Sound familiar? That’s why I was drawn to wildjunket’s post on six extreme vacations for the junkie in all of us. Of their suggestions, I couldn’t help but mentally rank them on my personal Badass scale.

Kind of Badass: Expeditions to remote lands: Dayaking between icebergs, watching penguins, and snuggling up to ice sheets. I wouldn’t say extreme, but chilling at the end of the world still qualifies.

A Little Badass: Volcano climbing in Guatemala: Volcan Pacaya  is one of the most accessible active volcanos in the world. There’s just something about climbing a mountain that could literally explode at any moment. There’s the added bonus of taking in a river of liquid hot magma at the summit.

Quite Badass: Drag Racing Australia: Ken Lowe Race Cars has a  school in Queensland that will help you  make those Formula 1 dreams comet true. This reminds me of that part in Armageddon where Rockhound, sitting on the missiles says, “I just wanted to feel the power between my legs.” That’s quite badass.

Straight Badass: Spelunking New Zealand: Climbing, repelling, crawling through undiscovered cave systems. Pair that up with tubing in an underground waterfall in the Ruakuri Cave or Waitomo Cave and you have the recipe for being straight badass.

Totally Badass: Dirtbiking Thailand: Dirt-biking, zorbing, off-road buggies, and paintball fall into the quite badass category, but you put those activities in the rugged jungles outside Chiang Mai and that ramps it up a few notches. You do this, and consider yourself totally badass.

Holy Shit: Shark Diving South Africa: Face-to-face with Great Whites outside Gansbaai. Need I say more?

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