What’s In Your Bag? The Best Pre-Packed Bag Pictures

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Being a guy I was completely oblivious to the odd little corner of the internet devoted to girls showing off what they carry in their handbags (a cousin to this is the showing-off-what-I-bought videos on YouTube). On Flickr you can find groups such as Whatsinmybag and Whatsinyourbag, collections consisting of thousands of such pictures. Not having much interest in what makeup girls are carrying around, I wondered if there was something similar for travelers. Well, there is.

For the traveler, you can find: Whatsinmybag Travel and Whatsinyourbag Travel. You can even find videos of the same thing. (I swear, I didn’t even know this was a “thing” when I took pictures of my own pre-packed bag before my Argentina trip, Colombia trip, or Ireland trip.)

In the interest of traveler envy, I decided to pick out some of my favorite pre-packed bag pictures, and to try to peg what type of traveler each bag belongs to.

The Intellectual

Notice the Nabokov book he’s carrying along. Clearly, this guy is the traveler who thinks, “I’m going to use this trip to finally read ____.” I think we’ve all done this. “I’ll be on the road, this will be a perfect opportunity to finally read ‘Moby Dick’ (or ‘Infinite Jest’).” Of course, we all return having gotten through about 10 pages — the novel finding a convenient spot at the bottom of our bags a week into the trip.

The Beach Bum

In his explanation this traveler explains that this was all he packed for his trip to Thailand. From the looks of his passport he’s Canadian, which means he traveled halfway across the world carrying little more in the way of clothing than one pair of underwear, two shirts, a pair of cargo pants, and a bathing suit. I tip my hat to thee.

The Utilitarian

This picture’s notes reveals this traveler’s off to Europe for a couple of months in about a week. It also reveals that he will be traveling with his girlfriend, which must explain for the large number of pairs of underwear he has stuffed into that little black bag on the right (three). He’s also managed to find room to include a rain jacket, a first-aid kit, and a hacky sack. Something tells me this guy did really well in the Boy Scouts.

The Female

How would I know that this was a female’s bag (other than the fact that she’s packing a bra and bikini)? The answer: toiletries. While considered a little less than what’s found in the normal medicine cabinet, the tell-tale sign that the bag you’re looking at belongs to a girl is the fact that it consists of more than simply a ratty toothbrush, a bottle of hotel shampoo, a bottle of Tylenol. Seriously, have you ever smelled the average male in a hostel? Donation boxes should be set up in hostel bathrooms to help some of these guys out.

The Techie

Not to harp on this whole underwear thing, but you know you’ve run into the tech-savvy type when their electronic devices (seven) outnumber their pairs of underwear AND socks combined (five). However, this guy’s gonna have the best pictures and video from the trip.

Now that I think about, of the five mentioned in this post, I think my bag probably ends up closest to this one. So here’s to you, my electronic-device bearing brother. (I pack way more pairs of socks though, thank you very much.)

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