Planning That Dream Nicaraguan Wedding

Friday, April 16, 2010

Party. Destination. Wedding. What’s not to love? In my own search for the ultimate wedding (think– wedding piñata), I couldn’t help but continually envisioning my impending wedding as the destination type. That idea never came to fruition. Luckily for me, my piñata idea is a go. Luckily for my family, Montana is a destination. In the end it all works out.

You see, I have the curse of thinking outside the box. In the case of destination weddings, I should say, thinking beyond Hawaii and the Bahamas. That brought me to The Chicago Tribune and their story of a Nicaraguan wedding. Now, that’s my kind of destination wedding.

Here’s how my Nicaraguan wedding would go. Trim down the invite list to only the essential guests. Climb a volcano to the smoking crater while the grandparents take a taxi up to meet us. My fiancée and I zip-line into the ceremony, we exit by flying away on jet-packs, followed by enough Patron to kill a Great White. We lie on a beach the next day, snag a jungle trek, and finish with a few rounds of scuba diving sessions — all in full tuxedo and wedding dress.

Perhaps a little outlandish, but everything outside of the jet-packs can be done at the Piedras y Olas Resort in Nicaragua. Keep this in mind if this idea sounds tempting — not a terribly long flight, no crazy time zone changes, and relatively cheap airfare — all equal a recipe for an outstanding destination wedding for everyone. If only they could figure out those tricky little jet-packs . . .

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