Want To Be A Good Travel Writer? Follow These Tips

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sure, not everyone is a writer, but think about it, aren’t we all, to one degree or another, a travel writer? You may not write articles for some fancy, multi-billion dollar global conglomerate like the New York Times or TheExpeditioner.com, but think about it, how many of us write travel journals, send e-mails home, blog during their trip, or simply recount their travels to their friends?

Most everybody, which is exactly why it’s a good idea to take in a few good suggestions about travel writing. Stephen over at GoMad Nomad is listing his go-to tips for good travel writing.

1) Quotes: I’m always asking writers to try to include quotes in their pieces.

Me: “I love your submission, but do you have any quotes you can insert in your article to spice it up a bit?”

Anonymous Contributor: “Hi Matt, go F*%$ yourself.”

Haha, I jest, most writers have a ton of great quotes and love to include them, they just don’t think about how much this improves a piece. Think about it, what work of fiction have you ever read that doesn’t include quotes? Travel writing is no different from telling a good story, and people make a good story.

2) Details: Stephen starts off with the golden rule of all writing: get your facts straight. It’s one thing to know where you were, or what the name of the neighborhood was, but it’s another to know its history, its smell, its look, its . . . everything. Transporting the reader is about painting a picture, one with lots of small strokes.

For some other useful hints click through to GoMad Nomad.

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