A Look At The Top Ten Cheapest Cities In The World

Friday, April 30, 2010

Over at Matador, I caught an article digesting Xpatulator’s release of the top 282 cheapest cities in the world.  Apparently, this site takes 13 different categories — the cost of housing, groceries and recreation, etc. —  and ranks them all. Unlike so many other arbitrary “lists” floating around cyberspace, this one is a bit different. The Matador article takes the top ten and looks at their ranking with a bit of a critical eye.

For example; “While Harare [Zimbabwe] ranks as the cheapest city in the world, there are numerous reasons why expats and travelers won’t be flocking there. Zimbabwe has a 94% unemployment rate and a major refugee problem due to the country’s financial collapse. In 2008 there was more than 150% inflation and the national currency was eventually ditched for the U.S. dollar.” #8 Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and [#6] Tajikistan are tied as the “most corrupt” countries on this list. Cheap is good, but there should be a balance with quality of living as well.

Despite the grim news, there are several bright spots on the list. None are more sunglasses-worthy than Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m sure Brit can go on for hours about B.A., but with its low “hardship level” ranking, beef, tango, and art scene, it pulls the #4 spot on the list.  Another is Quito, Equator, because of quality medical care, low rental costs and excellent fresh produce. I’m noticing a pattern of South American destinations here.

Of those on the list, where would you settle indefinitely? The top ten cheapest cities in the world are as follow: 1- Harare, Zimbabwe 2-Tianjin, China 3-Sana’a, Yemen 4-Buenos Aires, Argentina 5-Thimphu, Bhutan 6-Dushanbe, Tajikistan 7-Colombo, Sri Lanka 8-Phnom Penh, Cambodia 9- Quito, Ecuador 10-Karachi, Pakistan.

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