Why You Should Skip The Statue Of Liberty When In New York City

Friday, April 30, 2010

Skip the Statue of Liberty? Avoid the Met? Take a pass on Broadway? These are words of sacrilege for the average tourist, but for anyone in the know, like Julie at Matador, this is advice to live by. Okay, Julie’s not actually saying don’t go to these places in her recent article, she’s simply saying: here’s where you think you should go, but why not see this instead (or on top) of that?

Take the museums for example. You can’t beat the Met, but NYC is chock full of great, small museums with eclectic topics like the Museum of Chinese in America or El Museo del Barrio. And the Statue of Liberty is great and all, if you really have nothing better to do, but if you’re going to ferry out to an island, why not go to Ellis Island instead, where you’ll at least learn a little something about the city, and maybe even discovery a few long-lost relatives you never knew about?

Naturally, this one got a lot of comments, some agreeing, some kind of pissed-off to be told they should not see Central Park. Commenter Sara adds this bit of wisdom of her own:

I used to work at The Met, and one curious thing I noticed was that there seemed to be a lot of tourists there who didn’t have any interest in art, they just saw that it was a Must Do in their guidebook and showed up. The Met also takes an old-school approach and doesn’t do a lot in the way of interactive displays or creative ways to introduce the art to the viewers — if you didn’t take Art History in college, you might not get a lot out of it. (MoMA is better in this regard, which makes it nominally worth the price of admission.)

Which is the main reason I agree with you here – The Met is amazing, but if you’re not much of an art connoisseur, there are dozens of other museums that would interest you more.

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