Be Jealous: Simon Reeve On His “Job” Traveling The World For The BBC

Friday, May 7, 2010

Why is it that the British get the best travel shows? Yes, we have “No Reservations,” but the Brits get Michael Palin, the “Planet Earth” with the good voice-over by Sir David Attenborough, and Simon Reeve, who has been doing some great travel documentaries for the BBC2, his latest being “Tropic of Cancer with Simon Reeve.”

Having spent the past five years circling the globe three times for his show, Simon looks back at his adventures in this recent piece in The Independent. From sneaking into Burma to meet the persecuted Chin people, to a larcenous encounter with an orangutan in Borneo, Simon tries to pin down his favorite landscape of his travels, and what it has all meant for him.

But if landscapes were a competition, Madagascar would be the winner. Crossing the island, the fourth largest in the world, the black road carved across a sandy plain, through a low forest of thorns, a plain of octopus trees, then a plain of baobab trees, some with high, carved caves where herdsmen can shelter. Again and again, I was left gasping at the beauty in front of me. Looking back, I can see I took a few risks. I travelled through minefields, attempted to surf the infamous Pororoca in Brazil, a tidal bore wall of water churning with lumps of wood and sharks, and wrestled with a masked female Lucha Libre wrestler in Mexico.

But I always tried to use every encounter and adventure as a means of learning more about the world, and at least they were experiences that will linger in my memory.

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