Video: India In 3 Minutes

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This video’s got a great intro that reads:

In January 2010 I traveled with a friend to Nepal and attempted to drive an auto rickshaw 2,000 miles to the bottom of India. The rickshaw broke down every day and eventually completely stopped working. We took the train the rest of the way.

Is this why auto rickshaws are rarely used for long-distance travel? Or is it the fact that its top speed is around 30 mph. (Do the math, that means that 2,000-mile trip would’ve taken 66 days if they drove 24 hours a day with no breaks.)

This trip was kind of destined to fail, wasn’t it? But kind of in a good way. A good way in the sense that whatever bar this guy’s in for the rest of his life, when the conversation lags, he can pipe up and say, “Did I ever tell you about the time I tried to drive across India in a rickshaw?”

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