Family Vacations Are Becoming Family Adventures

Friday, May 14, 2010

Not long ago, it was common to read a family’s vacation itinerary to include theme parks, beaches, and guided tours of museums or cathedrals. Nowadays, with the increased capacity to boldly go where few folks have gone before, family vacations are turning into, what Bella English refers to in her article in The Boston Globe as, mindful adventures.

Imagine gathering your family around for its weekly group-meeting — for the longest time I thought that every family did this — and dropping the v-word: vacation. I remember when my family told us kids that we were going to Disney World. Just a few months ago, the author’s family, even though the kids are now adults, got talking about Peru.

What a fascinating way for a family to travel, to go where one could open the eyes and the mind: ancient architecture, the Andes, Amazonian rainforests and anacondas. An adventure, to say the least, that forces you to think.

As a child, constantly terrified of all things interesting and cool, Disney World seemed my kind of place. However, more and more, I am starting to realize that the kids today are the ones wanting a challenge and to face fear,

With prodding from our son — who had seen enough churches and ruins — we signed up for a guided rafting trip on the Urubamba, which during the rainy season has some Class 4 rapids.

Yeah, young adults can be crazy, but to have parents willing to join paddle-battles with rapids is, to me, equally mind-blowing (even though I was raised by parents much more adventurous than myself). While reading this article, I just kept thinking: so, this is what family travel will look like?

It seems as though family vacations don’t have to be spent at Epcot Center anymore, you can jet-set and experience the real thing, together. It’s a small world, after all.

By Brit Weaver


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