The End Of The Frugal Traveler?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In some very sad news this morning, Budget Travel is reporting that Matt Gross of The New York Times is leaving his post as the Frugal Travel, one of the, if not the most, popular — and frequently most e-mailed — recurring articles in the paper.

No word yet if Matt’s going to be filing dispatches as a freelancer for the paper, but he is moving forward with a new project: a new travel show. According to his Kickstarter page (where you can donate to get the project off the ground), the show will be named Strangers in Strange Lands. Matt’s in the process of raising money to shoot a “sizzle reel,” with hopes to land a full-time gig on a cable outlet. The premise, you ask?

Each episode of Strangers in Strange Lands will introduce us to two people who are living vastly different but equally extraordinary lives in one locale — like the Orthodox rabbi ministering to Jews in Cancun and, in nearby Mérida, the famous novelist’s granddaughter luxuriating in a palace . . . Beyond the exotic locales, it’s the interaction between host and subject that makes Strangers in Strange Lands unique. As each episode progresses, we will see the bonds of friendship take shape, a process that leads us deeper and deeper into these strange lands.

As mentioned, if interested in helping to get the project off the ground, head over to Kickstarter to make a donation and help make sure Matt gets the $825 (at the time of publication) left to meet the goal of $2,500. Sad to see you go. Potential Frugal Travelers, break out the resumes!

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