Call to Action! Guatemala Needs Your Help

Monday, May 31, 2010

As many of you know, contributor Luke Armstrong lives and works in Guatemala, and many of the people his organization works with have been directly affected by the recent storm. In response, Luke forwarded the following call for help.

The eruption of Volcano Pacaya and the arrival of Tropical Storm Agatha struck a devastating blow in Guatemala. To date, 94 people are confirmed dead, more missing, 30,000 homeless and 111,000 affected.

The GOD’S CHILD Project, a widely-known international development organization, is on the front lines of rescue efforts in the most devastated areas of Guatemala. With over 100 volunteers and staff members, The GOD’S CHILD Project is providing medical care, food, clothing and shelter for those affected. The GOD’S CHILD Project is also mobilizing rescue efforts in areas cut off by landslides caused by Tropical Storm Agatha.

Destroyed bridges, washed out highways, collapsed buildings and the closing of the national airport has created a cocktail of disaster conditions and logistical difficulties in mobilizing much needed assistance.

The GOD’S CHILD Project is one of the largest service providers in Guatemala and its base of operations in Antigua is perfectly positioned to provide assistance to those most affected. It is working with mayors and community leaders to organize relief efforts.

Patrick Atkinson, Executive Director and Founder of The GOD’S CHILD Project, is managing efforts as he arranges to fly to El Salvador due to the closing of Guatemala’s national airport.

Speaking of the need for financial and material assistance, he said, “We are not only facing a horrible disaster, but a lack of resources due to the material and financial assistance we provided to Haiti. We are rationing our supplies for the most needy and most affected victims, and sending out a call to action. We need your help and we need it now.”

During the time of this call to action’s writing, volunteers had just uncovered the body of a mother clutching her baby. Your support of this situation will save lives and rebuild the broken lives left in the storm’s aftermath.

Help take part in these relief efforts and donate by clicking on the icon below. Donate and spread the word! To find out more ways to help, contact Christopher Mathew, Assistant Executive Director of The GOD’S Child Project (701) 255-7956.

By Luke Armstrong


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