2010 Summer Travel Trend: World Cup Flip Flops And T-Shirts?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Looking for an alternative to that flag patch on your backpack to display your nationalistic pride while traveling this summer? Turns out, with World Cup fever firmly infecting the globe, one of this year’s hottest summer trends (or, at least, this according to Jaunted) are the World Cup-themed sandals made  by Havaianas.

These limited edition footwear come in 17 different varieties, representing the biggest of the powerhouses in the world of football (USA, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Argentina, Spain, The Netherlands, Australia, England, Paraguay, France, Japan, Italy, Portugal, Nigeria and Cameroon), and are a sure way to strike up some friendly banter between you and your hostelmates this tournament season.

For something a little more conspicuous, check out Didi’s World Cup-inspired minimalist t-shirts, a simple display of five names from one of eleven different teams, all on the appropriate color tee. For example, Argentina lists the names, Tévez, Agüero, Verón, Higuaín, Messi, Heinze; on a baby-blue background.

As a side-note, as I sit here typing this post in our world headquarters, I am wearing a pair of knock-off Mozambique flag-emblazoned pair of flip flops, thus once again proving my place as a forerunner in the world of high fashion, yet a very poor predictor of achievement in the world of  international sports.

Buy the flip-flops here and the t-shirts here.

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