Not In Town For The 2010 Travel Blog Exchange Conference? Some Alternatives

Friday, June 25, 2010

This weekend marks the second annual Travel Blog Exchange conference, where bloggers, writers, industry-insiders, and two confirmed Eskimos (I know, weird, huh?) will be in New York City for a weekend full of scholarly lectures, liquid-fueled mixers, and almost certain World Cup-viewing excursions.

Unfortunately for most, the conference sold out months ago, but fortunately for all, there are a couple of other ways to get in the action.

First off, beginning Saturday, June 26, a live video stream will begin at the TBEX home page. What better way to listen to such panelists as David Farley (esteemed author), Donald George (really esteemed author), Robert Reid (Lonely Planet), Matt Kepnes (Nomadic Matt), Kim Mance (, Gary Arndt (Everything-Everywhere), Sean Keener (BootsnAll), and Heather Poole (Gadling), then from the comfort of your own bed while in your pajamas?

If you’re into Twitter — or “Twitters” as Obama has recently re-named the company — you can follow the multitude of tweets at the tag “#TBEX” (or click here). As uninteresting as this may seem, after checking it out yesterday I found this to be strangely addictive, and even more so as the night wore on and the drinks began to take hold. Remember folks, it’s perilous to drink and tweet.

And, if all else fails, check back with your favorite travel blogs and magazine next week for what are sure to be plenty of recaps, recollections, rehashes, and, after all is said and done, perhaps even a few renunciations. Otherwise, see you in 2011!

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