Which Epic Sporting Event Would You Go To This Summer?

Friday, June 25, 2010

So, now that it’s officially summer on the calendar, and Montana has finally caught up to the idea of “summer,” I’m getting pretty jacked up. I say this because, as I was watching the morning session of Sportcenter to catch up on missed World Cup action, I realized the World Cup is just a sliver of amazing events happening in amazing places. Besides soccer in South Africa, Wimbledon just started in England, and the Tour de France is right around the corner. Three of the world’s premier sporting events — what an awesome time of year!

Childish jubilation aside, I began to debate with myself about which event would be the coolest to attend given the location and the event itself. Wimbledon has its tennis traditions and prestige, and is held at the All England Club in London — London’s not a bad place to waste a few hours between events. The World Cup includes 32 different national soccer teams playing in nine different South African cities — what a way to experience all that SA has to offer while meeting people from around the world. The Tour de France is a 21-day cycling extravaganza through nearly all of France, as well as some of Belgium and the Netherlands. The French countryside, wine, and a final race stage in Paris . . . could it get any better than that?

With all these world-class sporting events going on, all in fantastic settings throughout the globe, I pose this question to you: What summer sports event would you go to? Why? We’ll be eagerly awaiting your comments.

Me? I would skip the pre-match castle viewing, the baguettes between cycling stages, and the safari before my soccer team takes the field. I’m heading to the next greatest sporting event in the world, occurring this and every 4th of July. Over in Matt’s neck of the woods, at Coney Island, there is an amusement park sitting beachside and one of the most beautiful boardwalks in America. The event: Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition. 68 hot dogs in ten minutes, need I say more?

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