UPS Luggage Box: 1, Airline Luggage Fee: 0

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jaunted is reporting that almost $800 million dollars of checked baggage fees were handed over to the airlines this year. In a money-strapped industry, I can’t see them waving those fees out of the goodness in their hearts anytime soon. So the masterminds behind UPS saw an opportunity, and they came up with a little innovation that will give travelers a viable option so we can, once and for all, stick it to the airlines.

Enter: the UPS Luggage Box. For a “competitive price” (around $35), UPS will stick your bag in a box, ship it wherever you want, and give you an option for return postage in the same box. That’s what Brown can do for you.

Hmm, what to do with your bag? According to Jaunted, here are the two options. Choose wisely Neo:

Haul it to the airport and up to a ticket counter. Wait in line. Check it, pay the checked baggage fee and put it through the airline’s scanner. Watch as an airline employee corrals your bag with other luggage and then leave it behind. At your destination, spend time anxiously hoping it arrives at baggage claim. Schlep it out of the airport and off to your hotel.


Drag your luggage to the UPS store and stick it in the box. Pay for it. Leave. Call your hotel to inform them to be expecting a box. Pick it up from the concierge at your destination hotel.

Seems like a pretty simple choice to me.

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