The Expeditioner’s “Faces In Places” Photo Contest Winner

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

There’s just something about the people that inhabit this world we call home, isn’t there?  This month’s “Faces in Places” intriguing winner, “Wise Man,” comes from a trip through Varanasi, India. The photographer, Monica, says this about the shot:

Varanasi, being a very chaotic place, I was amazed by this man who was just sitting there against the great blue background reading. Don’ think he cared about me taking some pictures, more surprised why I was so interested.

One look at this shot and all of us travelers are immediately drawn to wonder about him. Matt was filled with questions: “Is he a writer, a poet, a philosopher? What is he writing/thinking about? Why does he look so much like Allen Ginsberg?” Luke contemplated his future: “My goal is to live to be 111. I have big plans for what I already refer to as my ‘eccentric years.’ At 98, I was planning on sitting on a mountain as a ‘wise old man’ and having youngsters come to ask for advice.” Perhaps Maria had the most accurate critique: “you talkin’ to me?”

Congratulations, Monica, your shot is TheExpeditioner’s “Faces in Places” June Travel Photography Contest Winner. To see more of Monica’s outstanding work, head over to her flickr photostream or check out her submissions to TheExpeditioner’s Flickr Photo Group.

Check back soon for our post featuring the contest runners up. July’s contest theme . . . Urban Jungles! Reach deep into the bowels of those hardrives, get out your very best cityscapes from around the world, and upload away!

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