Asian Destinations To Escape The Photo Snapping Hordes

Friday, July 30, 2010

I just giggled a little. Not an awww, that’s-so-cute giggle, but more of a, that’s-a-little-ridiculous giggle. I’ll tell you why. During my morning routine — wake up, coffee, spin through the local and national papers, twitter, TheExpeditioner, coffee, Facebook, coffee, dabble about the day’s travel writing — I found a photo essay which was the source of my giggles.

I headed over to and found a quality set of pictures from the unspoiled reaches of Asia. Those incredible places you still may have all to yourself, if for only a little while longer. Not giggle-worthy, yet, I know. Then I began reading something along the lines of, “You can explore picturesque fishing villages, revel in unspoiled scenery, and participate in local customs without being elbowed out of the way by photo-snapping hordes.” It’s a photo essay, people. Do you see what I mean?

Snarkiness aside, this is another great example of those places you don’t want to delay in visiting if you have the chance. My favorite of the destinations they chose, which include lodging and travel tips to each, would be Kuching, Borneo. The capitol city is described as a “Singapore without the neon signs and high-rises,” and if you’re there in mid-summer, head over to the World Rainforest Music Festival.

So if you see any elbow-throwing, full-contact photography from the hordes, I suggest you take a picture of that. Get it?

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